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About De Dutch Don’t Dance Division

De Dutch Don’t Dance Division’s (DeDDDD) main goal is to create and produce multi-disciplinary dance performances. The dance company is based in The Hague and was founded by Rinus Sprong and Thom Stuart in 1996. In regular theaters, on special locations and various festivals.

Mission and Vision

De Dutch Don’t Dance Division wants to interest a broad and new public for dance and also enlarge the cooperation between professional and non-professional dancers. Education, artistic quality and sense of humor are important elements in their way of working.

Whether you are 5 years or 85 years old, if you have a master degree or not, DeDDDD has something to offer you!

Click here to read more about the company and artistic directors Thom Stuart and Rinus Spong.

De Dutch Junior Dance Division

As of January 2013 De Dutch Don’t Dance Division puts her years of experience in training, coaching and advice for young dancers of De Dutch Junior Dance Division. This talent development process of young dancers will be accompanied by DeDDDD in the field of dance technique, (re) presentation, cultural entrepreneurship, professionalism, versatility and insight into their dance career.

The Dutch Junior Dance Division gives the dancers a chance to keep up with their profession and their development as a dance professional, and increase. So their chances of a successful career as a dancer intensively involved when starting a professional dancer.

Meet the dancers:

■ Camilla ChiesiCharly de GrooteDaniel Erchov Zayas ■ Deborah Capotorto ■ Edoardo Privitera ■  Iyamilé Ramos González ■ Kenza Lee ■ Kiran BonnemaLaurie Chomel


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