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The Full Course, the most intense course of De Dutch Summer Dance Course (DeDSDC), offers professional and advanced dancers the opportunity to get acquainted with the Dutch dance heritage. The aim of the Full Course is to create an awareness about zeitgeist and the leading choreographers that influence the Dutch dance styles today. It challenges the participants to go beyond “just performing the steps”. Dancers are invited to step outside their comfort zone by working on unknown techniques and skills in order to gain a new perspective on who they are as dancers and what they are able accomplish.

Personal development

Personal coaching is an important part of DeDSDC, which enables the dancer to gain more knowledge about their future possibilities. Because DeDSDC is not linked to a dance company, the summer course gives dancers the opportunity to take the information, coaching, and knowledge given and apply it as they will to their future career choices and goals.

Who can sign up?

Professional dancers and advanced dance students between the ages of 16 to 28 years old.


21-07 – 02-08

Participants of the Full Course attend classes in the discipline of Ballet, Modern (Limón based), Improvisation and New Composition and learn from the repertoire of Kylian, and van Manen.

The Full Course concludes with an informal presentation for friends, family and other participants.

The exact time of the presentation is not yet known. Please check our website often for updated information.


Full Course A
Ballet: Shirley Esseboom & Fiona Lummis
Repertoire: Glenn Eddy & Robyn Ross
New Composition: Sagi Gross
Creative process: Toer van Schayk
Modern: Min Hee Bervoets

Full Course B
Ballet: Glenn Eddy & Robyn Ross
Modern: Louise Frank
Improvisation: Sagi Gross
Repertoire: Shirley Esseboom & Fiona Lummis
New Composition: Min Hee Bervoets

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Price: € 550, –
Date: 21-07 – 02-08


For questions and additional information please send an email to Ariane Aris



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