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The Half Course program is specifically designed for advanced amateur dancers. This six-day dance course enable dancers to focus on their technique and become acquainted with Dutch dance heritage. The classes of the Half Course are taught by renowned choreographers and much time is dedicated to personal coaching and individual development. The course is divided into three different levels depending upon the capability and level of the dancers.

Who can sign up? 

Half Course A  FULL

Dance students and advanced amateur dancers between the ages of 13 and 15 years old.

Half Course B

Advanced amateur dancers between the ages of 16 and 25 years old.

Half Course C FULL

Advanced amateur dancers between the ages of 26  and 45 years old.


Half course A  28-07 – 02-08
Half course B  21-07 – 26-07
Half course C  28-07 – 02-08

Participants of the Half Courses attend classes in the discipline of Ballet, Modern, Improvisation and New Composition. The Half Course also focuses on individual choreographic creation.

The Half Courses conclude with an informal presentation for friends, family and other participants. This presentation enables participants to show their own creations.

The exact time of the presentation is not yet known. Please check our website often for updated information.


Half Course A
Ballet: Eleonore van Lookeren
Modern: Louise Frank
Repertoire: Mariette Redel
New Compostion: Eleonore van LookerenMariette Redel

Half Course B
Ballet: Rinus Sprong
Modern: Louise Frank
New Composition: Rutkay Özpinar
Repertoire: Shirley Esseboom

Half Course C
Ballet: Robyn Ross
Modern: Michaël Häfliger
Repertoire: Thom Stuart
New Composition: Rinus Sprong

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Price: € 300,-

Half course A 28-07 – 02-08
Unfortunately, this part of the Half Course is full. However, we can put you on the waiting list!
Half course B 21-07 – 26-07
Half course C 28-07 – 02-08


For questions and additional information please send an email to Ariane Aris



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