Ballet Blanc: Intensive Care

Tijdens Ballet Blanc danst De Dutch Junior Dance Division een absurdistische choreografie in ziekenhuis sferen: Intensive Care. Thom Stuart maakte deze choreografie al in 1991 bij het Scapino Ballet voor onder andere Rinus Sprong. De première van het stuk vond plaats tijdens ‘Teatro Fantastico’.

“…boeiende gestileerde, theatrale beelden en meeslepend danswerk (…). Stuart toont veel oorspronkelijkheid en gevoel voor dosering” (Martin Bijkerk, Rotterdams Dagblad).

En gelukkig hebben we de foto’s nog! Want ook al is de choreografie al 25 jaar oud, de dans blijkt tijdloos te zijn. Benieuwd naar de versie van 2016? Koop snel je tickets voor Ballet Blanc.

Foto: Annegien Sneep
Dansers: Fatima Brito, Sandra Klijn en Rinus Sprong
Muziek: Gene Carl
Choreografie: Thom Stuart
Première: Scapino Ballet 1991



About Intensive Care in Ballet Blanc

Jack Strömland (De Dutch Junior Dance Division) about Intensive Care 

Intensive Care is a piece which was created for Scapino Ballet in 1991. Choreographed by Thom Stuart, Intensive Care is a psychologically thrilling study on the relationship between a doctor, his patient and a nurse.



As the doctor, my journey into the role began in September 2015 soon after I joined De Dutch Junior Dance Division. I remember being excited for my first rehearsal as I was lucky enough to learn the role first hand from the choreographer Thom Stuart. I also received many suggestions from Rinus Sprong who was the doctor in the original cast.
I quickly became interested in the journey the doctor goes through over the duration of the piece. I begin by examining my patient. I’m intrigued by her condition and examine her body with stark efficiency. I soon become enamoured by her and a playful interaction begins. This is where I begin to loose my mind and become the patient needing the help of the nurse. I’m stripped and left unconscious on the floor.
I find this to be one of the most interesting points in the piece. I completely surrender myself to my illness and am at times confused and frightened by the things and people surrounding me. This is exacerbated by the fact that I am almost nude. My nurse is both my saviour and enemy, I am either running away from her or longing for her to help me. I eventually give into her help and am dragged off stage. My evolution from an efficient, stable professional to a vulnerable, dependent figure complete.
Intensive Care challenges its dancers to interact with each other on a deep level. By the end of the piece my journey as a character feels complete and this brings me enormous satisfaction.


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