General Terms and Conditions DeDSDC 2014

General Terms and Conditions 2014

Classification and selection

The artistic directors of DeDSDC will appoint participants to the different course levels. This classification will, in first place, be based upon admitted resumes and, in second place, on your performance at the start of DeDSDC. The artistic directors are permitted to transfer a participant to a different level during the entire course based on their performance.

Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellations must be made in writing, by sending an email to We apply the following rules to requests for cancellation and refunds:

1. 1. In case of cancellation before June 7th 2014 we will refund the full registration fee.

2. 2. In case of cancellation between June 7th and July 7th we will refund 80% of the registration fee.

3. 3. In case of cancellation after July 7th the participant will receive no refunds, unless they are in the possession of a doctor’s certificate, stating that the registered participant is unable to participate in DeDSDC due to medical issues.

Health- and Liability insurance

All participants of DeDSDC are obliged to have sufficient personal health – and liability insurance coverage.


The organization of DeDSDC is in no case responsible for any injuries caused during classes, neither for the consequences of those injuries. In case of injuries participants are expected to notify the staff of DeDSDC. Participants themselves are fully responsible for payment of costs that have to be made for treatment of an injuries caused during DeDSDC.


Participation in DeDSDC is voluntary and at one’s own risk. The organization of De DSDC is in no case responsible for any theft, damage or loss of personal items.


All participants are obliged to actively take part in the classes that are a part of their level. From the moment DeDSDC starts, participants have to be in proper shape to easily complete the full course. Participants must be aware of the fact that DeDSDC is a summer course with groups acting on different performance levels and that they will be appointed to a group suitable for their personal capabilities. And that they may be asked to switch groups if their performance level is inconsistent with the level that they are appointed to.

In consultation with the artistic directors, a participant may decide to refrain from participation, if their taking part in a class or activity that is part of DeDSDC could have a negative effect on their injuries.

House rules

All participants have to oblige to the following the house rules:

1. Appropriate dance attire is mandatory for all classes.

2. All facilities will be treated with respect: the studio’s, theatre, dressing rooms and green rooms are to be kept clean.

3. No shoes on the chairs in studio’s or theatre, socks are allowed.

4. No food and drinks other than water are allowed in the studios and theatre.

In the dressing rooms and green room eating and drinking is allowed.

The kitchen on the 1st floor is for staff only.

5. To prevent loss or damage, we advise you not to bring any valuable or fragile belongings to the course location.


During DeDSDC photos and film footage will be made. A part of this material will be used for publicity purposes.

Do you have a problem or question? Please contact the staff; they will be able to help you!



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