Kids Dance Week – English

This year the Dutch Summer Dance Course (DeDSDC) also offers a fantastic program for children who love dance. The program is put together under the directions of Eleonore van Lookeren. The children are taught new techniques and choreographic works. During the lessons much attention is paid to the individual needs and abilities of the children. And most importantly we have fun! The KidsDanceWeek has something wonderful to offer for children of all ages.

Who can sign up?

Kids Dance Week A FULL

Children between the ages of 10 to 12 years old, dance experience required.

Kids Dance Week B

Children between the ages of  7 to 9 years old, dance experience is preferred.

Kids Dance Week C

Children between the ages of  4 to 6 years old, no dance experience required.

Kids Dance Week D

Children between the ages of 2.5  to 4 years old accompanied by a parent/supervisor,  no dance experience required.

For all courses there is a maximum capacity of 20 participants per group.


Kids Dance Week A  23-07 – 25-07 (afternoons)
Kids Dance Week B 23-07 – 25-07 (mornings)
Kids Dance Week C 22-7
Kids Dance Week D 30-7

During this week children study the various disciplines of ballet, modern and creative dance. Our aim is to enable children to use dance as a means of personal expression and story telling. Children are also given the opportunity to create a wonderful piece of art to bring home!

The children of DanceWeek A will conclude their program with an informal presentation for friends, family and other participants.

The exact time of the presentation is not yet known. Please check our website often for updated information.

Teachers are o.a. Eleonore van LookerenRinus Sprong en Kirsten de Boer

Sign Up!

KidsDanceWeek A  € 150,-
23-07 – 25-07 (afternoons)

KidsDance Week B  € 95,-
23-07 – 25-07 (mornings)

Kids Dance Week C  € 30,-

Kids Dance Week D  € 15,-


For questions and additional information please send an email to Ariane Aris




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