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The Senior Course is Full

The Senior Course is a program specifically designed for amateur dancers, (former) professional dancers, and dance teachers. The Senior Course is based on the individual capabilities of the participants and focuses on how to employ these capabilities in dance and everyday life. The Senior Course focuses on developing and improving the technical skills that are key to dance. Participants work on their self-confidence, self-awareness, physical situation, and reflect on how these aspects impact in their lives. The joy of dance and movement plays a major role in the Senior Course.

Who can sign up?

Amateur Dancers, (former) professional dancers and dance teachers 45+ years of age.


28-07 – 02-08

The course consists of lessons in the styles ballet , modern, improvisation and composition.


Ballet: Rinus Sprong
Modern: Louise Frank
New Composition: Thom Stuart

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Price: € 250,-
Date: 28-07 – 02-08


For questions and additional information please send an email to Ariane Aris



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